Jan 22, 2016

California Water District Calls for El Niño Preparedness

Dramatic rainfall shifts region’s priorities toward community safety

The arrival of El Niño in early January has prompted Rowland Water District (RWD) in southeast Los Angeles County, Calif., to educate its customers about preventing long-term storm damage while keeping an eye on conservation goals. Although the news of El Niño was prominent throughout 2015, consistent messaging and notifications is a key tactic for the district. Living in a drought-stricken region, taking the correct precautionary actions can allow RWD residents to keep their homes, property and businesses as safe as possible.

One significant measure that residents can take is repairing potential leaking sources while weather is still dry. This includes leak points in the roof, loose gutters along the exterior and cracks in exterior wood trim that could lead to rotting. Not only do these measures help prevent costly future maintenance, but they also allow rainwater to be fully optimized within the region.

“Making homes and businesses El Niño-resistant is all about prevention,” said Tom Coleman, RWD general manager. “Because of the long-standing drought, our customers must track how their homes may be vulnerable to a sudden increase in rainfall.”

The wet weather will bring a much-welcomed amount of water to Southern California, but RWD urges its residents to continue making conservation a priority. With the California drought approaching its fifth year, RWD emphasizes that El Niño will not provide enough water to compensate for the disparity. Continual conservation includes simple measures such as turning off outdoor watering during the rainy season. A balance of readiness and conservation diligence will allow customers to keep safe in the weather conditions while simultaneously protecting resources.

Residents and business owners can find additional El Niño tips and reminders at www.rowlandwater.com.