Jan 06, 2021

Entertaining the Masses and Meeting HGL Performance Concerns SciCLONE Separator

Entertainment complex needed a stormwater system to meet the city’s Technical Standards Manual while managing site-specific concerns.

SciClone Separator install in Northern Texas.
SciClone Separator install in Northern Texas.

Strike + Reel takes entertainment seriously and Garland, Texas, located in the northeast corner of Dallas, is the only place with this much fun under one roof. Strike + Reel sits on an 11.4 acres site and pulls in large crowds, creating unique stormwater challenges.


Large parking lots generate oil runoff, which can be particularly problematic to filter when combined with other pollutants of concern, such as trash, floatables, and sediments. The city's Technical Standards Manual also calls for water quality enhancement measures to be designed with a 1-year, 6-hour duration storm event, which has an intensity of 0.35 in/hr. The site not only required a shallow installation, but it was also encumbered with hydraulic concerns upstream, adding to the list of hurdles.

Overhead view of the SciClone Separator.
Overhead view of the SciClone Separator.


The SciCLONE Separator is a small footprint solution that uses efficient hydrodynamic separation to remove trash, debris, sediment and hydrocarbons while keeping the internal components simplistic, allowing for extreme ease of maintenance. Bio Clean's in-house engineering team was able to meet the shallow installation constraint as well as designing the unit to accept a larger, 42-inch diameter pipe that was critical to meet the HGL performance concerns. Pollutant removal, unique site conditions and the city's regulations were all met with this custom SciCLONE SC7.


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