Sep 17, 2020

First Phase of North Carolina Storm Water Master Plan Nears Completion

After severe flooding, another area is being considered for Salisbury's long-term storm water master plan

north carolina storm water

Salisbury, North Carolina's storm water master plan is nearing the end of its first phase and will identify areas in most need of storm water infrastructure repairs.

The city contracted with HDR Engineering in November 2019 to develop a storm water strategy, according to Salisbury Post. According to HDR Engineering, Inc. Project Manager Damian Gaiski-Weitz, storm water issues are currently identified after citizens file concerns, either by using an online portal on the city’s website or by calling the city’s storm water division. 

The project is currently in the end of the first phase and identifying areas of focus before beginning a second phase, reported the Salisbury Post. According to Gaiski-Weitz, the team will host a public meeting to present phase one findings to the community and receive feedback on the areas that should be included in a longer-term master plan.

An area that is on the radar includes Wellington Hills Circle. Late August saw intense rain flooding that had at least six people rescued from their homes after flooding in the Wellington Hills subdivision and Sacred Heart Catholic School. 

The water covered the entrance to Sacred Heart Catholic Church and school, leaving parents sitting in their vehicles until it subsided, reported the Salisbury Post. The Millers Ferry Fire Department brought students to Jake Alexander Boulevard and over the flooded entrance.

Tester added that the system at Wellington Hills held up well during the rain, but the rain event was just too intense.

Council member Tamara Sheffield inquired about the current progress on projects approved in the storm water fund, which totaled $1.89 million in the 2020-21 fiscal year budget. 

The city will have more than $200,000 in additional U.S. Housing and Urban Development funding to add to its recently awarded $150,000 grant for the Rowan County Housing Authority as well, reported Salisbury Post. The $150,000 grant was received in April from the federal CARES Act.

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