Dec 18, 2020

Virginia School Storm Water Plan Under Consideration

A County Board is considering a major storm water project at Reed School Site in Virginia

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A project that could help the Westover, Virginia with its flooding problem is on the Arlington County Board agenda. 

The Board is considering an agreement with Arlington Public Schools to build a storm water detention vault under the athletic fields of the Reed Elementary School site in Westover, reported ARLnow News.

The project is part of the county’s Flood Resilient Arlington storm water strategy.

The strategy was created in response to significant floods that affected the Westover neighborhood in July 2019 and this project is not expected to impact the planned opening of the new school, at 1644 N. McKinley Road, in August 2021.

According to County Board Chair Libby Garvey, the project maximizes public land for the benefit of the community. The project includes designing and building a large underground vault that will form a cornerstone to a watershed-scale solution in the Torreyson Run watershed, according to Arlington County.

“The Westover Commercial District is a vital component of the economic, cultural and social core of the neighborhood, and it has suffered repeated flooding losses from increasingly volatile storms,” said Garvey in a statement. “This type of investment is part of a larger effort to achieve a Flood Resilient Arlington in a time of climate change.  It will help prevent further devastation and enhance public safety when major rain events occur.”

The school is located in the Torreyson Run watershed. There are four other Arlington watersheds singled out for improvements.

The work will be broken up into two phases.

“Phase 1 of the project consists of new underground pipe and junction fixtures and is funded by the County and will cost $1.54 million,” said the county in a press release. “Phase 2 includes the storm water detention structure itself and is still under design. Both phase 1 and phase 2 are specifically being designed and scheduled to not impact school opening or operations. The preliminary cost estimate for both phases is between $14-16 million for design and construction."

Arlington voters approved a $50.4 million storm water which will be used to pay for the second phase.

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