Jun 21, 2019

Wisconsin Industrial Park Project Finds Contractor

The North Industrial Park project will install a sanitary sewer, storm sewer & more

The North Industrial Park project will install a sanitary sewer, storm sewer & more

In Wisconsin, the Jefferson Common Council approved hiring R.G. Huston Co. Inc. to work on the 2019 North Industrial Park improvement project. The projects include an extension of North Parkway, which will include grading and clearing; creating two regional detention basins; and the installation of a street, curb and gutter, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water main.

According to the Daily Jefferson County Union, R.G. Huston won the overall bid to work on the project. The city of Jefferson received five bids from contractors interested in completing the work.

“Originally what we had hoped is that bids would be favorable and we’d be able to extend the project all the way (out to Dewey),” Pinnow told the council, according to Daily Jefferson County Union. “However, when the numbers came back the allotted budget would be exceeded if both the base bid and the alternate to extend were approved.”

When the project has been completed, Pinnow said, a road will be set in place where utilities can be extended to the same point to allow more land for residential and commercial development.

“Essentially when we are done, we are going to have multiple lots that we are able to open up for development in the foreseeable future,” Pinnow said to the Daily Jefferson County Union. “And then we anticipate that this (North Parkway) also will be extended in the future out to Dewey. This (project) is part of the newly created Tax Increment District No. 9, so these expenses are reimbursable as tax base is received for additional development.”

Funding for the project has come from Capital Improvement Fund, Stormwater Utility Fund, Wastewater Utility Fund and money reserved from the 2018 audit. According to Daily Jefferson County Union, Town & Country Eng. and city staff reviewed bid results and recommended awarding the project to R.G. Huston.