AquaBlok, Ltd.

AquaBlok, Ltd. was founded in Toledo, Ohio in the late-1990s to address technical challenges associated with aqueous “capping,” or the physical isolation of contaminated sediment from relatively “clean” water in aquatic environments. Our team consists of engineers and scientists who derive satisfaction from helping address recurring and often complex civil engineering and remedial challenges to save time, money, and resources – ultimately to improve the quality of life.

AquaBlok continues to be an independent private company. While we maintain close relationships with a wide range of technology vendors and consultants, AquaBlok is not owned or controlled by any outside entity.

While the uses of the foundational technology and its “composite particle” design can be highly technical, the basic concept is elegantly simple: AquaBlok delivers fine-grained powders (typically clays, modified minerals, and engineered active amendments) into or around water by wrapping these traditionally hard-to-handle materials around a stone aggregate core. This process results in a finished “composite particle” ideal to perform advantageous geotechnical functions – while also providing the ability to uniformly deliver value-added amendments at a wide range of concentrations.

Collaborators: AquaBlok has a long history of working with academics, government researchers, and other commercial enterprises to help identify new ways to adapt our basic technology to help address delivery, application, and/or construction-related challenges by marrying AquaBlok with the proprietary geotechnical or remedial solutions developed by others. If you see a complementary or synergistic opportunity based on the work that you do, please contact us.


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