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May 4 2021
Sewer cleaning unit with a continuous recycling system designed to perform throughout the day without the need to stop and refill the tank with new…
Mar 18 2021
The versatile Bucher Municipal V65t pure vacuum street sweeper shown here is excavating with the wanderhose and hand lance.
Nov 18 2020
When thinking about conserving and keeping our limited freshwater supplies safe, three types of solutions spring to mind. Street sweepers, winter…
Sep 24 2020
Sometimes, as John and Valerie Dewitz learned, finding a solution can cause more problems than you started with.  The married owners of Above &…
bucher sewer cleaner
Bucher Municipal's RECycler unit.
Case Studies
Sep 19 2019
The responsibility to care for the environment and about water conservation falls to governments, companies, customers and consumers. In short,…

Bucher Municipal

We solve your street sweeper and sewer cleaning problems. We keep traffic areas clean and safe by providing the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry. With Bucher, you don’t just get top quality and reliability. You get a range of products designed to meet every one of your cleaning and clearing needs. What started as a blacksmith’s shop has since transformed into a world-leading manufacturer of vehicles for street sweeping and sewer cleaning.


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Mooresville, NC 28115

United States

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