Jan 07, 2015

Connecticut Water Treatment Facility Switches on 1-Megawatt Solar Array

South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority solar system is now live and powering most of the facility

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The 1-megawatt solar system at the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority’s (SCCRWA) North Sleeping Giant water treatment facility in Hamden, Conn., is now live and producing most of the energy needed to power the facility.

The ground-mounted solar system includes more than 4,000 solar panels—making it one of the largest in the state. The array is comprised of 332 strings of 13 panels each, and will provide more than 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of energy each year—that’s over 80% of the energy used at this water treatment facility, or enough to power more than 120 average-sized Connecticut homes.

In keeping with the SCCRWA’s sustainability goals, the project will reduce the SCCRWA’s carbon footprint by 1.5 million lb of carbon dioxide annually; equivalent of planting 22,600 trees.

The system is the culmination of three years of effort. From Connecticut Renewable Energy Credit Program, in conjunction with United Illuminating, the town of Hamden and Solar City. Solar City installed, financed and will maintain the panels.

The SCCRWA has locked in their energy costs through a power purchase agreement by agreeing to a set rate for the solar power the array creates—a rate below what they’re currently paying for utility power. The project is expected to save the SCCRWA $1 over 20 years. These savings will be passed on to the SCCRWA’s customers in the form of reduced rate increases.