Aug 07, 2019

Texas Maintenance Projects to Manage Flooding, Erosion Control

The Harris County Flood Control District will provide $603,000 for the projects

The Harris County Flood Control District will provide $603,000 for the projects

Three maintenance projects are planned in the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) in Texas to manage channel overflows. According to Chron, the three projects will receive $603,000 from the district. The projects include slope and erosion repairs, as well as pipe replacement

After Hurricane Harvey, the district identified the need for repairs to help mitigate damage. 

“The projects received funding after the county was awarded $80 million in grants through the Natural Resource Conservation Center and some funds from FEMA,” said Beth Walters, communications manager for HCFCD, according to Chron. “ The rest of the funds will be used to conduct these flood maintenance projects throughout Harris County.”

The three projects are Project G-103-38-00, Project G103-38-01 and Project G103-41-00.

Project G-103-38-00 will be focused on Walnut Lane where three areas of the flood control district will be improved. According to Chron, there will be a slope failure repairs and disposal of unsuitable materials. They also will work on erosion repairs and pipe replacement. 

Project G103-38-01 will focus on work 70 ft west of Chestnut Ridge Road. According to Chron, there will be slope erosion repair and side slope repair to the area. The erosion on the channel is located near where Chestnut Ridge Road disconnects into St. Andrews Road.

Lastly, Project G103-41-00 will be near Kingwood Drive. According to Chron, 1,350 ft south of Kingwood Drive there will be erosion repair, reestablishing channel toelines, excavation of soils to reestablish the channel width and rebuilding side slopes.

The three projects can be found in the Kingwood tab of the district’s website.