Jun 09, 2021

Enviropod LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter

A modular gross pollutant capture device that is an effective and user-friendly solution for capturing floatable trash, plastic and gross sediments conveyed in stormwater runoff. With 25 years of development and over 50,000 installations worldwide, the LittaTrap™ is available across the USA.

The LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter is quick and easy to install and maintain.
The LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter is quick and easy to install and maintain.

The Enviropod LittaTrap™ is an innovative catch basin inlet filter device designed for easy retrofit installation into new and existing stormwater catch basins to specifically target sediment, trash, debris, and gross pollutants, capturing them at source and preventing stormwater runoff pollutants from entering into lakes, streams, harbors, and beaches.

The LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter System is a low-cost, easily maintainable solution for capturing sediment and particles larger than 5mm. The LittaTrap™ is also effective when placed as a pre-treatment device for use in a treatment train with other hydrodynamic separators, filtration devices, ponds, and wetlands. In many cases, it is often the most practical solution for retrofits.

The LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter System can also be fitted with site-specific performance liners that are designed to capture a variety of stormwater pollutants, such as small sediment particles and/or plastic resin pellets (nurdles). Each performance liner is designed to fit easily inside the LittaTrap basket. The Enviropod LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter is also certified by the California State Water Board as a Full Capture Device.

The LittaTrap™ has over 50,000 installs worldwide and is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit most types of catch basin structures, including square, rectangular, round manhole, and combined grate/curb inlet structures. Enviropod International and its North American technical services team, Clean Waters USA, provides free engineering support and design assistance to owners and engineering consultants with a need for design and specification support for any catch basin inlet application throughout Canada and the USA. 


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