May 26, 2020

Miami Experiences Widespread Flooding

Widespread flooding was reported in Miami, Miami Beach and in other parts of South Florida. 

flood control

Widespread flooding was reported Monday afternoon in Miami, Miami Beach and in other parts of South Florida. 

The National Weather Service extended a flood watch for the region through 8 a.m. Tuesday. Up to 3 inches of rain fell over the area within one hour Monday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

A flash flood warning for Northern Miami-Dade County was expected to remain in effect through 8:30 p.m. Monday. 

Street flooding, water seeping into stores, and flash floods were confirmed throughout Miami. 

During these events, the Miami-Dade wastewater treatment plant near North Miami Beach suffered a sewage spill. 

Jennifer Messemer, a spokeswoman for the county’s Water and Sewer Department, said the agency does not yet know how much raw sewage spilled out into the surrounding area or how long the failure of the plant’s pumping system lasted, according to the Miami Herald. The spill at the North District Wastewater Treatment Plant had a heavy volume of storm water, as well as an increase in customers flushing wipes and other material that are not meant to go down sewer pipes.

"This amount of rainfall will take some time to drain away from the region, and flooding remains a threat around canals and streams, highways, streets, and underpasses as well as other drainage areas and low lying spots," according to the weather service. "Another area of heavy rainfall over South Central Miami-Dade County could work northeast into the warning area that could cause the flooding to be exasperated.”

In addition to flooding, gusty winds, brief tornadoes and waterspouts over local waters were possible in South Florida during this weather event, forecasters say.

According to, areas of South Florida within the flood watch were: Coastal Broward, Coastal Collier, Coastal Miami-Dade, Coastal Palm Beach, Far South Miami-Dade, Inland Broward, Inland Collier, Inland Miami-Dade, Inland Palm Beach, Mainland Monroe, Metro Broward, Metro Miami-Dade, and Metro Palm Beach.

"Additional rounds of showers and thunderstorms will produce an average of 3 to 5 inches of rainfall across the watch area with locally higher amounts possible," according to weather officials.

The torrential rainfall may produce flooding of poor drainage areas in urban locations, impacting small creeks, streams, and canals, added

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