Jun 14, 2017

Green Infrastructure Guide Maximizes Park Space

EPA releases guide with recommendations, case studies

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) produced a guide to encourage partnerships between park agencies and storm water agencies to promote the use of green infrastructure on park lands. Green infrastructure can help maximize the environmental, economic and social benefits of parks.

By building strong partnerships, agencies can improve park lands and access to parks, better manage storm water, increase community resiliency to shifting weather patterns, and provide funding to implement and maintain park enhancements that benefit the community.

The guide is designed to provide a stepwise approach for building relationships with potential partners and includes information on how to identify and engage partners, build relationships, involve the community, leverage funding opportunities, and identify green infrastructure opportunities. It includes recommendations on the types of projects that are most likely to attract positive attention and funding, which provide a range of benefits.

Case studies are included to illustrate the approaches presented in the guide. These real-life examples portray how partnerships between municipal storm water agencies and parks departments have improved recreational resources in the community, enhanced environmental protection, and reduced risks and burdens.