Oct 08, 2014

Net Zero Water Training Boot Camp to Launch at CitiesAlive

Training will discuss how net zero water may be achieved in different circumstances

Net Zero Water Training Boot Camp CitiesAlive Nashville Tennessee

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities announced the launch of the two-day intensive Net Zero Water Boot Camp professional training at CitiesAlive in Nashville, Tenn., on Nov. 11 to 12 at the Civic Design Center. The Net Zero Water Boot Camp is the curriculum associated with designing integrated water systems that work towards the goal of freeing a facility from the need to connect to the municipal water and wastewater system. Very few buildings around the world have accomplished this feat, yet it remains a critical component of moving towards greater resiliency, and it is a requirement under the Cascadia Green Building Council’s Living Building Challenge.

Sponsored by Ewing, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Co. and Hunter, the Net Zero Water Boot Camp has been under development for the past five years, culminating in this launch.

“The Net Zero Water Boot Camp is cutting edge and a world-class professional development opportunity for those who are serious about pushing the boundaries of green buildings and sustainable water use,” said Jeffrey L. Bruce, GRP, the principal developer of the training courses and the primary instructor. “The course material is technical and comprehensive, with a number of case studies to illustrate how net zero water may be achieved in different circumstances,” he added.

“We have developed the Net Zero Water Boot Camp in response to growing water scarcity in many regions which threatens to undermine our ability to design and build living architecture systems, which are fundamentally reliant on water,” said Steven W. Peck, GRP, founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. “Water is so important that it is the focus of our upcoming conference: CitiesAlive in Nashville. Water is the key to everything green, and quite frankly, everything,” he added.