Katie Johns is the managing editor of Storm Water Solutions. She can be reached at kjohns@sgcmail.com. 
Feb 01, 2022

Editorial Letter: Diving into One Water

This editorial letter originally appeared in Storm Water Solutions February 2022 issue.

Katie Johns, managing editor
Katie Johns, managing editor

With a new year, comes new beginnings.

And this year, SWS, and its sister publications, Water & Wastes Digest and Water Quality Products, have an exciting new beginning. We are rolling out the One Water Media brand and platform.

On the website, onewatermedia.com, we hope to source original thought leadership pieces regarding all facets of water that our magazines cover — storm water, wastewater, industrial water and drinking water. In addition to the original content, the site will curate content from each individual brand website; estormwater.com, wwdmag.com and wqpmag.com. It is also where our co-branded podcast, Talking Under Water, will live. It’s the same podcast, just a new home. The site is live and available for your perusing.


It is an exciting time to launch this site, especially with the signing of the U.S. Infrastructure & Investment Jobs Act on November 15, 2021. Of the $550 billion in new spending that comes with the bill, $55 billion is allocated to drinking water, wastewater, and storm water infrastructure funding. As we watch the water sector gain new funding, and hopefully, in turn, momentum, this platform will work to recognize just how connected storm water, wastewater, industrial water and drinking water are. As the One Water Media mission statement says, the platform "tells deep and meaningful stories about the intersections of the water industry, including drinking water, wastewater, storm water and industrial water. By sharing these stories, we aim to elevate the value of water in all its forms."

For SWS, specifically, we are still bringing you the same content we always have, including our monthly webinar series and our video series, Dropping By. I am always interested in gaining reader feedback and insight, so if there is a topic, trend or project you think we should be covering in print, online, or in our videos and webinars, please email me at kjohns@sgcmail.com.

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