Jan 08, 2015

Orange County Desalination Project Enters Formal Negotiations

Huntington Beach Desalination Project will provide largest source of new water for Orange County

The Orange County Water District Board of Directors voted 9-1 to enter into formal negotiations with Poseidon Water to secure the single largest source of new water in Orange County – 56,000 acre-ft annually of water from the proposed seawater desalination project in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The decision to enter into negotiations with Poseidon for the purchase of the Huntington Beach Desalination Project’s full 56,000 acre-ft per year capacity comes after Orange County Water District completed an 18-month financial due diligence process. The District’s independent financial consultant, Clean Energy Capital, evaluated the proposed Huntington Beach project and issued a final report substantiating Poseidon’s project cost estimates and identifying myriads of additional public-private partnership scenarios that could lower the cost of financing and construction of the project.

Poseidon’s Huntington Beach Desalination Project is awaiting discretionary permit approval from the California Coastal Commission to proceed with construction. A hearing before the Coastal Commission is anticipated later this year and commencement of construction is expected in 2016.

Poseidon’s landmark 50 mgd seawater desalination project in Carlsbad, Calif. is scheduled to be in operation early fall 2015. Once completed, it will be the largest, most technologically advanced, energy efficient and environmentally responsible seawater desalination project in the Western Hemisphere.