Feb 18, 2015

R.S. Technical Services Names New President

Founder's son takes leadership control of the company

R.S. Technical Services president Mike Sutliff

Following the loss of founder and CEO Rod Sutliff, R.S. Technical Services Inc. (RST) is moving ahead under the leadership of the founder’s son, Mike Sutliff. RST is a manufacturer of closed circuit television remote inspection and monitoring cameras and accessories for water and wastewater collection and conveyance systems.

Sutliff has a management background from his own rental company of five locations and 40 employees. He will eventually leave his two adult children in charge of his rental business and transition into RST full time.

“I’m from the rental industry, but I love the CCTV business and wish I’d have gotten into it a lot sooner,” Sutliff said.

Sutliff’s vision for the company’s future include increased productivity, enabled by new machine shop equipment and upgrades to facilities and the IT department.

“We’re keenly aware that we have two primary types of clientele: individual contractors and municipal works departments. They have different needs, and today’s market structures allow us to cater to those needs more specifically than ever before," Sutliff said. “We actively seek direct input from customers and dealers.”

Sutliff discussed a possible new location in Kentucky. “Because they’re booming on the east coast. Maybe [my vision is] a little aggressive for just four months in, but I want folks to know that all the things they’ve come to love about the RST corporate family culture won’t be going away, they’ll just be getting stronger,” Sutliff said.