Sep 30, 2020

City in New York to Fix Storm Water Issue at Hospital

City officials are working with engineers at a New York hospital to remedy a storm water runoff issue.

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City officials are working with engineers at Nathan Littauer Hospital to remedy a storm water runoff issue near the hospital’s main entrance. 

This issue has impacted neighboring residential properties, according to the Leader-Herald.

A culvert running underneath the hospital’s main access road was the alleged culprit. The problem has worsened over the years with storm water runoff from the hospital spilling onto neighboring residential properties, causing damage and weakening the foundation of a resident’s pool. 

Large quantities of standing water in yards have also been left behind as a result.

According to Fire Chief Thomas Groff, issues with storm water runoff from the hospital were raised by the city Planning Board in 2018 when construction of a single story primary care center was proposed on the existing hospital campus. This would have required extensive alterations and improvements to existing parking lots and alteration to the hospital heliport.

Instead, the plans were revised to construct a two-story primary care center to eliminate the need to make alterations to the parking lots and heliport. The project was not subject to storm water disturbance regulations since the construction site is less than an acre in size, according to the Leader-Herald.

Hospital officials plan to have catch basins on the property cleaned and inspected by camera to identify any problems within the sewer system, which could be contributing to the excess storm water runoff. Sandbags are expected to be placed along the main hospital entrance on East State Street to prevent storm water runoff from flowing onto neighboring properties as well.

Council members plan to continue to monitor efforts to address the situation going forward with its addition to the council’s meeting agenda under old business to ensure it is continually reviewed until it is fully resolved.

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