Nov 10, 2021

$1.8 Million to be Invested in Storm Water Capture in California's Yucaipa Basin

The project partnership requires the city to recharge 10,300 acre-feet of water.

storm water

The San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District is investing $1.8 million to increase storm water capture and recharge in the Yucaipa Basin in Yucaipa, California.

The project is called the Wilson III Basin and primarily focuses on flood control project to reduce flood risk in Yucaipa, reported Redlands Community News. The project will also help the area capture more of its own storm water for storage underground, increase water supply reliability and enhance the sustainability of the groundwater resources in the Yucaipa Basin.

According to Redlands Community News, Valley District will contribute $1.8 million toward construction of the project in a partnership with the city.

“The Valley District board of directors is committed to supporting regional efforts to sustain a reliable water supply and healthy watershed into the future,” said Valley District Board President Paul Kielhold, reported Redlands Community News. “We have invested in other projects throughout the region that serve similar purposes and I anticipate we will see more opportunities to partner with our retail water providers and cities on these types of projects in the future.”

The project partnership requires the city to recharge 10,300 acre-feet of water.

“We live in a region that rarely gets rain; but when it rains it literally pours and can overwhelm our existing flood control facilities,” said Valley District General Manager and CEO Heather Dyer about the area, reported Redlands Community News. “The city of Yucaipa is building critical facilities that will enable them to control the storm water and give us the chance to store more of this resource to make it through the long dry periods we are used to. I’m pleased that Valley District can be a part of bringing this project to completion.”

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