Apr 06, 2021

Faces of the Storm Water Industry

This editorial letter originally appeared in the Storm Water Solutions March/April 2021 issue as "Face of the Industry"


This issue is a special one. On the following pages, we introduce our 2021 Class of Young Pros and our 2021 Industry Icon. These professionals have proven to be exemplary in the storm water and erosion control industry, and we are ecstatic to highlight them and their accomplishments. 

Our 2021 Industry Icon is Geoff Brosseau, former executive director of the California Stormwater Quality Association. When I talked with Brosseau for the article about him on page 10, we talked not only about his career but also what the most pressing issues are for the industry, including funding, pollutants and increasing public awareness. He said storm water is still relatively young – he compared it to a teenager – and we have a lot more to learn about it. He said there is plenty of room for collaboration to pass on to the next person and to grow the knowledge base of storm water. He also shared some wisdom in saying it's hard to know everything, so being open to the uncertainty of it all is key. 

And speaking of collaboration and passing industry knowledge on, this year’s Young Pros also shared where they see the industry heading. From regulations to sustainable solutions, the Young Pros are poised to help move the industry forward. I hope you enjoy reading about them and Brosseau. While each of these professionals brings something different to the table, they share a common goal in helping the storm water and erosion control fields progress. 

In addition to these print profiles, I have interviewed Brosseau and the Young Pros for our weekly video series, which happens to have a new name – Dropping By. One interview will be posted each week throughout March and April, and I hope you’ll tune in to learn more about each of these professionals.

About the author

Katie Johns is Managing Editor for SWS and can be reached at [email protected]