Sep 07, 2021

Michigan State University Utilizes Storm Water System in Project

This case study originally appeared in SWS September 2021 issue as "Michigan State University Utilizes Storm Water System in Project"

storm water system

Triton Stormwater Solutions • 810.222.7652

With global raw material shortages hitting the construction industry hard, underground storm water products have been in short supply. However, Triton Stormwater Solutions continues to deliver. Triton provides the only chamber in the market that utilizes a soy resin material and is therefore less affected by the ongoing raw material shortages. The one obstacle Triton could not overcome was locating enough bright Triton Green colorant to meet the demands of production. So, Triton decided to use the most common colorant available (black) in order to keep production moving and customers projects on schedule.

The TechSmith project on the campus of Michigan State University (Construction Manger - Christman) needed to begin construction and needed to have a storm water system they could count on. Woodhull Construction utilized the Triton S29 system knowing that Triton’s proprietary, soy-based resin material chamber is stronger, lighter, more cost effective and was available to deliver when the project needed to get in the ground. Not only did the Triton team work to create a site-specific design, but Triton delivered on time and had representatives on site to answer questions and ensure the installation went smoothly.   

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