Feb 17, 2021

Ottawa, Canada, Helps Residents Cut Storm Water Runoff

Ottawa, Canada, has launched a program called Rain Ready Ottawa to persuade homeowners to invest in measures to capture or redirect storm water.


Ottawa, Canada is offering to pay to improve some homeowners' properties.

The aim is to do a better job of managing rain water, reported Ottawa Citizen.

The city will provide grants for some homeowners to help cover a portion of the costs related to adding redirection devices for downspouts or installing rain gardens, soakaway pits and permeable paving, according to Ottawa Citizen. 

Certified landscape design is also be eligible for a grant. Ottawa is capping the maximum grant at $5,000 per household.

Property owners in priority storm water retrofit areas are the target of the grant, which is more specifically the Pinecrest Creek/Westboro subwatershed and eastern subwatershed.

The city is working with Landscape Ontario to train local landscape companies on fusion landscaping, which has a focus on storm water management elements.

The three-year pilot project will cost $750,000, according to the city’s estimate, reported Ottawa Citizen.

Keeping storm water out of the Ottawa River is a priority for the city.

The city has previously run storm water retrofit studies in the Pinecrest/Westboro and urban eastern areas of the city, reported Ottawa Citizen. 

After these studies came 50-year targets for implementing storm water controls on private properties. This relies heavily on actions taken by individual homeowners.

Ottawa’s council changed the rate structure for water, sewer and storm water management in 2016 and asked staff to look into property owners that embrace storm water control measures.

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