Dec 29, 2021

Petersburg, Virginia, Receives 2 Grants to Address Storm Water Drainage

The city said it has been looking for grant funding for a drainage study for years.

storm water

Petersburg, Virginia, is receiving two grants to address storm water drainage issues in the city.

The funding entails: a comprehensive drainage study; updates to the floodplain management ordinance; the development of a resilience plan; and the hiring of a certified floodplain manager.

The grant’s total is $2,623,558, according to the city.

“Much of the city’s main infrastructure dates to the early 1800′s and as Petersburg continues to grow, the storm water management systems must be upgraded and expanded to handle current demands and prevent continuous flooding,” said Petersburg City Manager Stuart Turille in a news release. “The first step is the completion of a citywide storm water management study that will identify problems and outline solutions for flood mitigation.”

The city said it has been looking for grant funding for a drainage study for years.

According to the city, the outcome of the Drainage Study will be projects that can be implemented to provide flood prevention and protection and equitable community improvement. 


The Resilience Plan includes preparing, planning, recovering, and adapting from potential future flooding events and the Community Outreach Plan will educate residents and property owners on floodplain management. The Resilience Plan will be incorporated into the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

“This grant will enable the city to inventory the antiquated storm sewer system, model the existing conditions of both the closed and open storm sewer systems and surface waters to better identify the source of problem areas, and identify nature-based solutions and other priority projects to alleviate repetitive flooding problems throughout the city,” said a news release, reported NBC 12 News.

The study will start in 2022.

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