Jan 06, 2021

SWS January 2021 Webinar Fest

SWS is kicking off its 2021 Webinar Series with a Webinar Fest on January 28. 

Join us for two presentations on storm water management, both of which are free and worth PDH credits

SWS’ first Webinar Fest of 2021 is kicking off on January 28. Join us for two presentations on storm water management, both of which are free and worth PDH credits. These relevant webinars will be presented by industry professionals who will share current projects and trends with the audience pertaining to combined sewer overflows and the use of green roofs in storm water management.

SESSION #1: Storm Water Management: Sewer Overflows
Thursday, January 28 | 12 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. CT

The City of Ottawa’s Real Time Control (RTC) program and the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST) facility are two of most important components of the City’s Ottawa River Action Plan (ORAP) and overall wet weather flow management system. Developed using a holistic integrated planning approach with a focus on operational integration throughout the project development, these facilities have resulted in a multi-purpose wet weather flow management solution that provides Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) control, basement flooding risk reduction and added system resiliency. From project inception to commissioning, this presentation will share how the project team applied integrated planning principles, along with an on-going risk and change management process focused on operational integration, to develop and implement a multi-benefit solution for the City that was designed to ensure a seamless integration with the City's wastewater network and inform the proper commissioning and operational startup of the facility once constructed. This will show how an integrated planning approach with a holistic view of system needs can cost-effectively bring added value solutions that lead to highly successful outcomes.

SESSION #2: Utilizing Green Roofs as Storm Water BMPs for Built Projects: Lessons Learned
Thursday, January 28 | 3 p.m. ET/ 2 p.m. CT

This presentation will detail lessons learned through the design, permit and construction of green roofs as storm water management BMPs ( best management practices). There will be a focus on the evolution of design and permit requirements over the last few years based on constructed projects in Washington D.C. Specific project design challenges and permit issues will be discussed.

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