Nov 30, 2021

SWS Surveys Residential Sector

Builders & remodelers share how important storm water solutions are to their work

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In June and July, 2021, Storm Water Solutions (SWS) sent out a 9-question survey to builders and remodelers from the databases of Pro Builder and Pro Remodeler magazines (SGC/SGC Horizon brand(s)). SWS sought to measure the importance and need for storm water, runoff and erosion control solutions and sustainable design amongst residential builders and remodelers as it relates to their businesses and customers. In total, 142 people completed the survey.

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On this page and the next, we are sharing some of those results, though for the full findings, visit our website,

Findings indicate that the majority of respondents (55.46%) said storm water and runoff solutions are very important to their jobs. 38.66% deal with storm water and runoff challenges quarterly. Similarly, 25.21% of respondents deal with those challenges weekly, and 24.37% deal with them monthly. When asked what storm water challenges they face the most, the majority (39.5%) said regulations are the biggest hurdle, followed by erosion control and soil stabilization (31.09%). 68.91% said they are currently planning construction that will include storm water and runoff challenges. Lastly to note, is that 49.58%, the majority, said storm water solution information would be the most valuable to them. Other topics that would be important include runoff, flooding, soil stability and municipal regulations.

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