Jun 24, 2014

Study Links Green Infrastructure to Health, Economic Benefits

The study will be presented at the Grey to Green Conference in Toronto Aug. 25

Green Infrastructure Study Grey to Green Conference Toronto August 2014

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities announced that Dr. Kathleen Wolf, professor at the College of Forest Resources of the University of Washington, and director of the Green Cities: Good Health project, will be a keynote speaker at the Grey to Green Conference presenting her research team’s latest work on the economics of improved health resulting from living green infrastructure investment and protection in Toronto, Aug. 25, 2014.

“We've reviewed thousands of scientific sources, and the evidence is in—experiences of nearby nature in cities are associated with improved human health and wellness. Parks, trees and gardens are indeed beautiful, but our work on economic values is showing that 'vitamin N' could become a therapy to reduce health costs,” said Wolf.

Research on living green infrastructure such as urban forests, green roofs and green walls is demonstrating a wide range of health benefits and related positive economic impacts, the subject of this year’s Grey to Green Conference in Toronto.  “As we gain a better understanding of the relationship between green infrastructure and human health it will become increasingly easier to monetize these benefits in terms of public health care,“ said Steven Peck, founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and chair of the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition. “This conference will help designers and planners understand how to plan and design healthier buildings and communities.”

The Grey to Green Conference features more than 75 expert speakers, local project tours, training courses and important networking opportunities. Wolf’s group of researchers is at the leading edge on the subject of living green infrastructure health and economics.