Jul 01, 2021

SWS Webinar Fest Series: Regulations & Compliance


The SWS Webinar Fest Series continues July 22 with two webinars. Register here.  

 National Perspectives in the Storm Water/MS4 Sector 

This presentation will introduce the National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) and discuss national-level policy and issue trends as well as recent milestones of note in the sector.  In addition, specifics on regulatory and legislative activities and efforts with direct ties to the storm water sector will be presented.  Lastly, information on why local storm water program managers should care about and get involved with national-level issues will be provided.  

Learning objectives

  • Learn about national-level groups and organizations focused on the storm water and MS4 sector;
  • Understand national-level dynamics related to policy, regulations, and legislation that is currently impacting or will impact the storm. water sector in the future and;
  • Gain an appreciation for the value of national-level issues from the local municipal storm water perspective

Trouble Ahead: Compliance with Industrial, Commercial or Development Projects

Commercial and industrial facilities and developers should be aware of the storm water permit nuances that may impact their operations. While the standard construction and industrial permits are fairly prescriptive on the requirements of compliance, the little nuances of other regulations within those permits may be trouble spots for compliance managers. Examples include performing storm channel maintenance and not realizing the channel is listed as containing threatened and endangered species and requires additional state or federal permits just to enter the area. Other examples are discussed that include development standards, fire abatement concerns, jurisdictional concerns, flood abatement concerns, and permit nuances, such as total maximum daily loads. This presentation will provide examples, planning strategies and recommendations for permit compliance to avoid potential legal action by regulators or third-party lawsuits.

Learning Objectives

  • Permit overviews and awareness
  • Regulatory hotspots
  • Where to find resources


Register for the webinars here.