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puget sound
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Jun 23 2022
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance filed a complaint in the Western District of Washington against Pacific Pile & Marine LP (PPM) for alleged Clean Water…
storm water permitting
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Jun 22 2022
The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that on June 10, 2022, Steven R. Sharpe of Waterford, Wisconsin, was sentenced to pay a monetary…
storm water pfas
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Jun 21 2022
Dane County filed a petition against the DNR for PFAS regulations for storm water permits, reported WORT FM.  “The DNR issues storm water permits for…
storm water management
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Jun 20 2022
An Everett, Washington, treatment plant discharged approximately 10 million gallons of wastewater into the Snohomish River. According to HeraldNet,…
storm water management
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Jun 16 2022
Severe thunderstorms and rain that came through southwestern Michigan on June 13 resulted in flooding areas of Abbott’s Sturgis Plant.  The storm…
mississippi river
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Jun 15 2022
According to the U.S. EPA, the federal government will distribute $60 million among 12 states that have waterways that flow into the Mississippi…
storm water
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Jun 14 2022
A storm impacted Gage County, Nebraska June 11. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, hail rained down on Beatrice on June 11, and high winds…
storm water management
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Jun 9 2022
The U.S. House approved a bill that would authorize federal agencies to begin planning for an estimated $31 billion coastal barrier project. The bill…
south carolina
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Jun 8 2022
The city of Georgetown, South Carolina, filed a lawsuit against Myrtle Beach contractor Greenwall Construction Service. The lawsuit alleges that…
storm water
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Jun 7 2022
The U.S. EPA announced a settlement with California’s Imperial Irrigation District (IID) for violations of the Clean Water Act. The violations…
storm water management
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Jun 2 2022
The Montclair Township Council is amending its storm water control law. This amendment will impact situations of property owners improperly diverting…
tropical depression
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Jun 1 2022
The Atlantic hurricane season’s first tropical depression could potentially be the season's first tropical storm, according to AccuWeather …
colorado water
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May 31 2022
The Colorado General Assembly passed water bills, four of which center water funding.  According to Water Education Colorado, there is now bipartisan…
california water conservation
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May 26 2022
The California Water Resources Control Board adopted an emergency water conservation regulation following Governor Gavin Newsom's Mar. 28 Executive…
scrap metal company
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May 25 2022
The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office announced a settlement after an investigation of a scrap metal processor company. Western Mass News…
hurricane season
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May 24 2022
Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center are predicting above-average hurricane activity in 2022. Hurricane season is June 1 to November 30. …
storm water runoff
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May 23 2022
Northern Virginia's Prince William County is receiving feedback to conduct a full water impact study of two proposed data center projects which may…
May 20 2022
A storm water management system was installed on Soldiers Field in Mount Gretna, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. “There are plans for a small parking…
storm water management
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May 19 2022
Three inspections of ongoing development of Watersound Origins has prompted the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to issue a warning…
russian river
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May 18 2022
Eden Environmental Citizens Group, LLC filed a complaint in the Northern District of California against West Coast Metals, Inc.. The complaint…