Dec 30, 2014

Virginia Roads Project Implements Climate Change Resiliency Plan

Legislators of the Hampton Roads area met to discuss the impacts of sea level rise in the region

climate change, education. Climate Education and Literacy Initiative

This reflects a shift in federal policy toward helping municipalities and cities prepare for climate change.

Under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, steps have been taken to cut carbon pollution, prepare for the impacts of climate change and lead international efforts to fight this global challenge. Continued progress into the future will depend on ensuring a climate-smart citizenry and a next-generation American workforce of city planners, community leaders, engineers and entrepreneurs who understand the urgent climate-change challenge and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and training to seek and implement solutions.

In support of the Obama Administration’s steady efforts to address climate change, the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) is launching a new Climate Education and Literacy Initiative to help connect American students and citizens with science-based information about climate change. The initiative will have a roundtable discussion at the White House, convening leaders from the education community from government, academia, philanthropies, non-governmental organizationsm and the private sector to discuss ways to enhance climate education in the United States.

The discussion will focus on planned and potential efforts to: increase learning opportunities about climate change for students; equip educators with science-based information and resources; enhance climate-related professional development and training; and engage citizens through place-based and informal climate education.

Through the Climate Education and Literacy Initiative, the Obama Administration is asking leaders across sectors to improve climate education. In response to an initial call to action made in October, more than 150 activities, projects and ideas were submitted by individuals and organizations across the country, from more than 30 states.

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