Mar 05, 2021

Using Web-bases Design Tools to Engineer Projects

Online design tools can improve the success and efficiency of engineered projects. This webinar will look at software that supports the design of channels, MSE and gravity walls, and roadway applications. 

propex Using Web-bases Design Tools to Engineer Projects webinar
LIVE WEBINAR | March 30, 2021 | Noon EST

Presenter: Drew Loizeaux, Engineering Services Manager, Propex GeoSolutions

Online design software is an excellent resource for designing engineered projects. Propex has developed a design suite of comprehensive modeling tools for erosion control, slope and channel stabilization and roadway applications. These tools provide in-depth analysis that expands traditional modeling by integrating factors such as non-hydraulic stresses, functional longevity and performance in critical scenarios. These programs feature easy to use data entry, analysis tools and report generation that allows users to create customized designs, including materials needed to specify the project. Click here to access the Propex Design Suite tools.

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